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1.888.437.1578 has teamed up with Lockton Affinity, LLC to offer gun dealers and gunsmiths low cost / high quality Property & Liability insurance. Many homeowners insurance carriers have exclusions for firearms, leaving people who operate a small business out of their home uninsured for the work they perform selling and servicing firearms, or left paying far more for insurance than is necessary. understands this need and offers a recommendation for its customers. Lockton Affinity, LLC is an industry leader in providing coverage for businesses in the firearm industry.

Don't go underinsured or uninsured as a small retail gun dealer or gunsmith — secure your insurance easily with endorsed insurance from Lockton Risk Services.


  Who is Lockton Affinity, LLC?
Lockton Affinity, LLC is a leader in providing insurance for members of common cause groups, including the National Rifle Association. Lockton Affinity, LLC currently insures more than 2,000 retail gun businesses and more than 28,000 NRA members and affiliated clubs. Lockton Affinity, LLC has been insuring small businesses for over 26 years and is not only a proud NRA Business Alliance supporter, but administers NRA's business alliance insurance program.